A Pop-up Bookstore for Music and Book Lovers

@abC Art Book Fair Beijing, 06.23-26 2022
Curatd by Shy People

         在当前举步维艰的大环境下,我们可以做些什么呢?呵呵,这是一个难题,但此时 Shy People 更坚信了自己的选择。

“害羞的人”希望通过积极的消费主义来塑造心目中的国内音乐/文化生活新环境。让大家可以找到属于自己的灵感,重新对待周遭,和外界建立更深的连接,并与任何感兴趣之人分享其冒险经历。在 6 月底举办的 abC 2022 北京艺术书展期间,我们将为乐迷和书迷们开设一间限时音乐书店 Air。挑选有品质且难搞到手的音乐和书籍,至少这是我们能做的也是擅长做的。

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Born out of a passion for exploration, Shy People is a multimedia platform and a music label that creates experiences designed to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of lifestyle in China. We tend to reshape the terrains of our music and cultures through positive consumerism. Audience could find their own inspiration, shape their own environment, make connections with the world, and share their adventure with whoever is interested. Shy People will open a pop-up bookstore Air for music and book lovers during abC Art Book Fair Beijing 2022 at the end of June.

Let's expose to the air.