Shy People @ X Museum:
Daydreaming Synchronous Narrative of Image and Music


08.15 2020 @X Museum, Beijing

       Music is a visualized collection of images; the way it impacts human senses represents an auditory vision. Nowadays, while live media and the internet make images a common language in daily life, music, as a carrier of visual information, plays a complex role in telling a contemporary narrative story.
       In response to the contemporary musical and visual landscape, Shy People held a 2-hour show at X Museum Beijing on August 15th. We presented our discussion and exploration of musical languages in contemporary global digital culture. Pocario, Tutu and Microhate performed successively, attempting to visualize a fictitious scenario formed by their reflection on their surroundings and personal emotions. At the same time, visual designer Han Gao mapped an alternative system of visual algorithms, reinventing contemporary visual vocabularies. Searching and sampling a large amount of images from public domain, he then remixed these images in a flowing sequence to interact with the music, to shockingly interfere in the musical narrative and articulate a whole new imagination. In the process, music and image constantly overlap with each other, yet also expel each other, until a new sensory narrative grows out of the original context.

8月15日下午,由 Shy People 在北京 X 美术馆举办的这场接近两小时的演出活动,呈现了我们对于全球数字文化背景下的当代音乐语言,及音乐的视觉想象力的探索。三位 DJ:Pocario、Tutu 和 Microhate 依次出场,按照各自的概念场景预设为观众提供“视觉化的听觉”,且于其中融入自己对环境和私人情绪的思考。而图像设计师高晗摒弃现有工具,通过编程的方式另组视觉逻辑。他用在公开网域搜索的海量现成图片做素材,再按一定序列和律动拼贴,对应 DJ 的声音变化,同时又营造出自成一套的新叙事,去入侵音乐主导的听觉想象。声音与视觉两者互为影响再融合,直至在各自原生语境上产生新的感官体验。

        Han Gao (Image Collage Set)
        Pocario (DJ Set)
        Tutu (DJ Set)
        Microhate (DJ Set)

Curated by 10000 @microhate
Visual performing and poster by Han Gao @workbyworks
Coding by lunaeidolon
DJs in order: Pocario @bedmeanturn / Tutu @luvuuutu / Microhate @microhate
Shoot and video editing by سەمى (SEMI)
Audio supported by Genelec @genelec_oy and FLOSO @floso1981
Special thanks to Cyril Rao @cyril_rao and SF