J.R.G. — Winter-Warmth Mix

Shy People Mix

12.23 2021

这圣诞节嘛,西方老外的传统新年时节,我们索性邀请他们自己来主持这周的 Shy People Mix 好了。很顺理成章。

我们想到从北京去了上海,好久没联系的美国人 Mike。他的 DJ 名叫 J.R.G.,经常在上海电梯俱乐部演出。Mike 可是一个十足的 House 舞曲迷,在这年头,如此深耕一种音乐风格的 DJ 实属少见了。听起来很老派,但这不是一直以来要成为一个 DJ 的基本素养吗?


“这是我在家里用一对 CDJ 混音的 mix set。我想要它完全都是我所喜欢的 4x4 音乐。 热带感、深沉、灵歌化、爵士、非洲,且复古的。前半部分让我有机会将一些更深思熟虑的曲目混合在一起,它们充满了如此美妙的节奏和质感。 混音的中段有点非洲式的强健,因为当我在纽约去俱乐部的时候,舞者们的情绪似乎在那些非洲 Tech 的狂欢中达到了顶峰。最后几首歌则再次平静下来。”  — J.R.G.

“Mixed on my home pair of cdjs, I wanted a mix that went everywhere i like 4x4 music to go. Tropical, Deep, Soulful, Jazzy, Afro, Retro. The first half of this set gave me a chance to mix together some more thoughtful tracks full of rhythms and textures that are so delicious. The middle of the mix goes a bit afro heavy because when id go to clubs in New York, the dancers seemed to peak during those afro-tech jams. The last few songs kind of calm things back down a bit again.” — J.R.G.

01 Cosmic Ritual - Tranquility (Into Groove)
02 KemeticJust - 30 Years at Sea
03 Trinidadian Deep - Taken Spirit (Trini’s Beatdown)
04 Dave D*Sol Rivera - No One (DDR Dub)
05 Dave D*Sol Rivera - No One (Main)
06 DJ Trinityblade - It’s going down
07 Ezel - Caravan (Original Mix)
08 Master Fale, DJ Qwai, K9 - Marikana (Saint Evo Remix)
09 J.R.G. feat. Credit Card - What’s Next
10 Kemetic Just - I Got Life (KZR's Manic Reprise)
11 Agev Munson & Roland Clark - Zepherin St Beat
12 One Way - Something in the past (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix)
13 Dj Karizma - Neke’s Theme
14 J.R.G.- Ringaling

Ark Work by 10000

J.R.G. 是出生于美国加利福尼亚的 House DJ 和制作人。深受东京和纽约的 House 音乐场景影响的他,在北京的 Ran Groove 厂牌发表过一张专辑、3张 EP 和一些单曲。你可以在上海的 Elevator 俱乐部听到他的 DJ set。

J.R.G. djs, produces and plays keys from time to time. A consummate househead, J.R.G. reaches for that type of house that includes the underground soulful, afro, funky, dark, deep, jazzy and jackin. Born in California, but musically educated in the Tokyo and New York house scenes, J.R.G. has been part of the Chinese underground music circle for the past 10 years. He has has released an album, 3 eps, and a bunch of other tracks on Beijing’s Ran Groove music label. Check him out at Elevator flipping through his cd books figuring out what songs he can throw in the mix in.