Oriental Queer Gods — Cover Story of untitled folder 5

11.23 2020  

        In untitled folder 5, fashion stylist Edge Yang subverts the racial and gender identities of Western Gods by creating images of Oriental Queer Gods with the help of photographer Yi Tuo and art director Zipeng, scrutinizing and interrogating an absolute authority unchallenged for centuries.

第五期《untitled folder》封面故事。时装造型师 Edge Yang 在摄影师 Yi Tuo 和艺术指导 zipeng 的协助下,挑战西方众神的种族和性别身份,转而描绘一幅东亚酷儿神像,重新审视千古年来不曾变化过的绝对权威。

Photographer: Yi Tuo
Stylist: Edge Yang
Art Director: Zipeng
Hair stylist: Nate Peng
Make up artist: Clive Xiong
Casting: Louyizhe
Producer: Lisa Shen
Photography assistant: Mutou
Styling assistant: Bobo
Post production: Perfect Print Beijing
Studio: YY Rental

Models: Hang Yu, Yufeng Shen, Ning, Jiazhe Shen, Duole, Piccolo

Cover Story in
untitled folder 5