New Release from SVBKVLT

07.30 2021


上海厂牌 SVBKVLT 在迎来八周年生日之后,今日发布了来自英国音乐人 TSVI 和 A/V 艺术家 Seven Orbits 的首张合作专辑《UNISON》,二人组合成 PARAADISO,受意大利民间音乐、噪音、远古合唱原声创作、仪式及其功能的启发,专辑专注于传达一种类似于古代集会和仪式的感觉。而集体聚合带来的身体体验,意味着在个人和集体层面均受到高度刺激。人类的互动带有深刻的社会性,我们的日常生活并不是孤立的,需要互相接触联系。在过去一年多里,隔离与脱节不断上演,PARAADISO 创作此专辑来对现实做出反映,并希望大家可以通过视觉和声音来感知和体验。

📸 Suleika Mueller

Artist: Paraadiso
Title: Unison
Cat No: SBKT042
Artwork: Szonja Szendi & Luke Griffiths
Mastering: Raphael Valensi
Release Date: 30th July 2021
Format: 2 x Vinyl / Digital

UNISON is the debut album from PARAADISO, a duo composed of musician TSVI and audio-visual artist Seven Orbits.

Inspired by Italian folk music, noise, ancient choral acoustic compositions, rituals and their functions, the album focuses on conveying a sense similar to those felt in ancient gatherings and ceremonies where the collective physical experience meant heigh tened stimulation at both the individual level and collective level.

Contrary to individual experience, collective experience is necessarily rooted in (shared) patterns of action and behavior; it has been studied that the sense of a joint consciousness emerges from such patterns of action and a sense of 'relatedness' is developed between members of the group; relatedness is a form of shared identity, which in turn can transform intragroup social relations and future re-Action. Experiences of synchrony and collective emotion induce in individuals a shift between two parallel cognitive “modes”, from the individual to the communal, generating feelings of openness, inclusion, and prosociality and sometimes even dissolution of the self-other distinction.

All human life and all human interaction are profoundly social: our everyday lives do not take place in isolation but constantly require our engagement with other people. The artists unknowingly sought these qualities emerging during the creation of the work as isolation and disconnection raised dramatically over the past two years and have created a piece in response to that which aims to be performed and experienced in a live context as an audio-visual experience.