Pocario @ Antigen 3 Years Aniversary 05.08.2021

Shy People Mix

08.28 2021

         Shy People Mix 系列首次发布现场录音。这是我们强迫 Pocario 发来他在招待的 DJ 现场音频。他将土耳其和阿拉伯打击乐作为主要框架,再填充花哨的西方现代电子音乐在其中,酣畅淋漓。

Pocario 是 Cinopec 派对主理和 Arena 派对联合组织者。风格受到柏林及欧洲俱乐部的影响,也偏爱各种附带英国布里斯托标签的出品。日常里他是自由摄影师和奇石爱好者,本次封面是他拍的。

找到在音乐趣味上志同道合的朋友是非常值得庆幸的事情,所以 Pocario 经常出现在 Shy People 的派对上。接下来的9月,我们要和 Pocario 到成都和上海一起演出玩啦。

Shy People @ Cue 成都 9月11日
Shy People @ Heim 上海 9月18日
Cinopec @ Zhao Dai 北京 9月25日

📸 Pocario

Shy People Mix series released live recording for the first time. This DJ set comes from Pocario, founder of party event Cinopec. He played at Antigen 3 Years Aniversary 8th May 2021 at Zhao Dai club Beijing. He used Turkish and Arab percussion as the main framework, and filled it with fancy Western modern electronic music.

Pocario is a freelance photographer and a rock lover, and he took the cover of this historical rock. In September, we will go to Chengdu and Shanghai with Pocario. Love to see you in another cities.

Shy People at Cue 09.11 [Chengdu]
Shy People at Heim 09.18 [Shanghai]
Cinopec at Zhao Dai 09.25 [Beijing]