Samuel Harris — What Do You See in Everyday Life?


01.06 2021  

我们又一次挖掘到新人。这也是我们网站首次出现国外报道文章。以后 Shy People 会有更多国际视野的内容,期待能碰撞出更多元的火花!

纽约摄影师 Samuel Harris 发布的照片经常很抓眼,而他拍摄的却都是大家日常生活范围里最平庸以及最容易被忽略的细节。在阴影下的不规则倒影和尖锐的角落,或直射在人行道上的光线,通常是这些照片的基础。他只需在邻里间走动五分钟,就可以拍出新的照片。“用相机观察周围环境最令人兴奋的,是能够注意到人们穿过街道或小巷,而他们的存在使环境变得不同。”


虽然摄影的主体通常不包括人,但 Samuel Harris 把摄影视为一种必要的自我表达的形式。“我们周围的一切都在改变,因而我们也有机会捕捉身边更多的东西,并通过作品来表达自己。”

        Samuel Harris is a NY based photographer who’s work mainly consists of the banal and often missed details of his neighborhood. Sharp corners and reflections to odd looking shapes made from shadows or direct light on the pavement, are what often make the basis of the photographs. You can just walk around your neighborhood for five minutes and can find new photographs. “What is exciting about observing your surroundings with a camera is being able to notice that people have passed through a street or alleyway and have made it different just with their presence.”
        “Shooting outside often allows new ideas to spring up due to the randomness of subjects that appear in front of you. Sometimes it is a discarded coffee cup that’s being hit by the sunlight in a particular way or the reflection of a business sign at night radiating through its own reflection. What I love the most about the style of photography I often shoot in is that anyone can start noticing eye catching pattern and placements that can translate into some surprisingly captivating images.”
        Although the main subjects of the photographs do not usually include people, making photographs has allowed him to view photography as a form of necessary self expression. “As much as everything around us changes, so to does our opportunity to capture more around us and express ourselves through our work.”