TAR LOOP — 俱乐部里的艺术项目
An A/V Art Project for Club

12.30 2020  

我一直对一场发生在2018年末的派对 “TAR LOOP” 心心念念。因为第一次有人在俱乐部里放了一部全新的 3D 长视频并为其用原创歌曲以 DJ 的方式来做现场配乐,而我竟然错过了。

TAR LOOP 是一个给俱乐部准备的故事,由生活在上海的视觉艺术家 Kim Laughton 与柏林电子音乐制作人 Mechatok 合作,最初构想既是将音乐与视觉相结合。它讲的是关于一个男人发现自己身处在一辆卡车内,并且被命令驾驶这辆卡车。观众们将会跟着他在困惑中在赛道上全速前进,陌生的周遭环境却使他分了心。

令我惊喜的是,Kim 不知何故在 YouTube 上传了这部整合上 Mechatok 原创音乐的,原先只出现在三个俱乐部(上海 ALL、深圳 OIL、东京 WWWβ )中的视频。但是 Kim 也叮嘱我说这个视频本不应该在电脑上观看的,“会有点无聊”。毕竟它应该发生在俱乐部中,与聚集的人群、实际的空间与气氛一起出现。不过你也可以在家一边做着其他事情,一边听着音乐并时不时回头看一眼,那也是愉悦的。开心,顺祝对这个世界抱有好奇的大家新年快乐吧!

        I still remember that how regreted I wasn’t in Shanghai to join TAR LOOP show in the winter of 2018! No one did this before—produce a full lenghth 3D video and DJ original tracks for it as soundtrack in a club. But Electronica music producer Mechatok and Shanghai based visual artist Kim Laughton did it. The story of TAR LOOP is about a man’s road trip. It’s simple but fit for the driven music and you dance with it.
        Two years later, don’t know why but pleasantly surprised, Kim upload the video of those tour nights (at ALL, OIL & WWWβ) with original soundtrack by Mechatok on YouTube. Kim said to me the full length video was never supposed to be watched on a computer, “may be a bit boring”. It should be happened in club with crowd, space and the actual vibe. Yeah, we miss the club and free. But you could enjoy the music and take a look of it occasionally while you are doing something else at home. It’s creative anyway. Alright, happy new year to every one who got curiosity for the world!

12.31 2020