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Still Life by Little Box

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●    文化平台 / 音乐厂牌 / 线上商店 “害羞的人” 在高速发展的当下中国,热衷探索文化与生活方式的可能性,并致力于其体验场景的建构。

●    Born out of a passion for exploration, Shy People is a cultural platform, music label and webshop that creates experiences designed to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of culture & lifestyle in China.

●  「シャイ・ピープル」は,急成長する中国における現代生活の多様性を探索し,その体験シーンの構築に力を注ぐ芸術文化プラットフォームと音楽レーベルです。


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☻ Founded by 10000
in Beijing, China 2019

阿那亚招待会 2024 · Shy People 厂牌展示 + 新专辑首演

Zhao Dai On Leave 2024
Shy People Label Showcase

05.31 2024 14:00-19:00
Aranya, China

5月31日招待会的第一个午后,在阿那亚树影婆娑的僻静山坡,Shy People 用阳光、音乐和海风搭建一座隐世独立的梦幻岛,招待从奋斗社会中逃脱的人们,惬意地迷失在一场限时五个钟的白日梦之中。

Shy People 七人团队将共同编织一场由相异叙事构成,但音乐体验上又有互文性的梦幻之旅。除了主理 10000 和旗下制作人 Night Swimmer,厂牌第二位艺人 Freedompage 将在首张专辑发布前,以唱作 Live 的方式在招待会上露面。其情绪纷繁的 Dance-Pop 现场曲目出自个人专辑,但特为春夏之交的户外森林跳舞氛围而做了不少改动。如梦般仅此一次,无法复制。

另外,作为 Shy People 的最新特别驻场,从成都春游脱颖而出的朝气双子星 Sonicare 和 SeventyMaos 将在湿地舞台再度联手登台;暗夜游魂 Squidge 和 Nighttrain2000 则展现未曾示人的温暖面相。来,一起好好玩一场。

On the first afternoon of the Zhao Dai On Leave on May 31st, in the secluded hillside of Anaya where the trees cast dancing shadows, Shy People constructed a secluded and dreamy island with sunlight, music, and sea breeze, welcoming those who sought escape from the hustle and bustle of society, leisurely getting lost in a daytime dream lasting five hours.

The seven-member team of Shy People will weave together a dreamy journey consisting of diverse storytelling and intertextuality. Apart from the founder 10000 and producer Night Swimmer, the label's second artist Freedompage will make an appearance at the reception, performing live before the release of his debut album. His emotionally rich Dance-pop live tracks are from his personal album but have been altered significantly to suit the outdoor forest dancing ambiance of the transition from spring to summer. It's a once-in-a-lifetime, dream-like experience that cannot be replicated.

Additionally, as the latest special residents of Shy People, the energetic twin stars Sonicare and SeventyMaos, who rose to prominence from Chengdu's Chun You festival, will once again take the stage together at the Garden Stage of Zhao Dai On Leave. The nocturnal wanderers Squidge and Nighttrain2000 will also showcase their warm sides unseen by most. Come, let's have a great time together.


杨仔是科华北路吹出的一粒蒲公英种子。选曲宗旨是聆听至上,古灵精怪。偏爱但不限于IDM、UK Bass、Leftfield Techno、Electro、Breaks和Dub。碎片化的律动编排和忽明忽暗的情绪迸发如同诡计多端的太阳耀斑。从成都到北京,他在场景的浪潮内外寻求自我的混音发声。

Nighttrain2000 a.k.a. Yang is a dandelion seed blown out of Chengdu‘s underground scene. With a liking for sonic irregularities and pleasures, his mix sets have an expansive music influences ranging from IDM, UK Bass, Leftfield Techno, to Electro, Breaks and Dub. Fragmented rhythms and grooves can be found in his sets, alongside a robust eruption of sentiments occasionally, almost as unpredictable as solar flares. From Chengdu to Beijing, he seeks his own voice in mixing among the emerging currents of  underground music scenes.



Squidge, founder of the party label FUTURO, is one of the social phobias born in the millennium. While modern technology cannot satisfy all of her desires, she harbors indescribably wonderful and obscure emotions about the unique future scene reflected in the electronic music of the 90s. She finds the "outdated" sense of technology and the retrospective reproduction of the digital age equally fascinating. This novel sensory experience, which interweaves the old and the new and spans the century, may indeed represent the future.

Night Swimmer
16:00-16:30 (Live)

2022年以专辑《Xia Ye》入选 Bandcamp “当日最佳专辑” 和Mixmag Asia “2022十佳专辑”,并在英国 《Electronic Sound》、德国 Groove.de、日本 《MUSIC MAGAZINE》媒体上广受好评,来自湖北黄冈的制作人/DJ Night Swimmer在北京开花结果。其原创作品以县城男孩的视角,链结内心成长、故乡羁绊、自然疗愈等游思,以1990年代的中式旋律碎片拼贴当代实验意志,于Dub和New Age中,修缮出一隅灵动又悠远的音乐景观。今年稍后将推出《Xia Ye》的Remix EP。

Essentially a Chinese musician, Night Swimmer grows out of the raw underground music scene in Wuhan. In 2022, his album "Xia Ye" released under Shy People won the title of "Album of the Day" on Bandcamp on its release day. Acclaims from Electronic Sound, Mixmag Asia, Groove.de, and MUSIC MAGAZINE ensued and cast him more spotlight. Now living in Beijing, he's still persuing this music career by delving deeper into the 90s fourth world ambience, dub and Chinese intrumentation, which has spurred him into making "Xia Ye" in the first place. The Remix EP of "Xia Ye" will be published later this year.


装载调停者的好奇心,音乐厂牌/文化平台“Shy People”幕后舵手10000,以闪烁的音乐灵光为指南针,航行于锐舞银河的恩典之中。

Loaded with the curiosity of a mediator, 10000, the silent helmsman behind the music label/cultural platform Shy People, is guided by flickering musical illumination and navigates through the grace of the dance galaxy.

17:25-18:20 (w/ Sonicare)

SeventyMaos 通俗人称七十只毛,一名业余平面设计师。她本人希望通过稀奇古怪的碎拍、合成器音色营造现实花园,其效果所依靠的观念是,有时疯狂也是一种面具,掩饰着一个无可避免又太过清楚的认识。

SeventyMaos, known commonly as Qīshízhīmáo (七十只毛)in plain Chinese, is an amateur graphic designer. Her own vision is to create a realistic garden through quirky crackbeats and obscure synths, which relies on the concept that madness is sometimes a mask for an inescapable and all-too-clear cognition.

17:25-18:20 (w/ SeventyMaos)

成都科华街实用型产品,具有多种模式,恒定的能量输出,震幅随电流变化,超长续航;同时能带来同等高效的感染力;操作简单,只需按动播放键,使用后负面情绪急剧下降。建议长期持有 —— Sonicare 关爱每位朋友的耳朵与眼睛。

Sonicare, a practical product originating from the renowned Kehua Street in Chengdu, boasts multiple modes, consistent power output, vibrant amplitude with current, and an ultra-long battery life, delivering an equally contagious effect. With just the simple operation of pressing the play button, your negative feelings will dramatically decrease, making it highly recommended for long-term use. Sonicare provides unwavering care for each friend's ears and eyes.

18:30-19 (Live)

来自北京的音乐制作人/唱作人。企图通过在Dance Pop的框架里填充4/4拍舞曲、碎拍和独立流行等等不挨边儿的音乐风格,在交织复杂的融合中寻找新鲜与能量。偶尔在歌词里表达一下由人类观察得来的看法。早前只在Arca全球社区网络合辑里被收录过一首单曲,2024年将在Shy People厂牌发布新单曲与首张专辑,以及仍在秘密进行中的混音计划。

A producer/singer-songwriter from Beijing, attempting to find freshness and energy through a complex fusion by incorporating disparate music styles such as 4/4 beat, Breakbeat, and Indie Pop within the framework of Dance Pop. Occasionally expresses human observations through lyrics. Previously featured only one single in the Mutants 1000000 Discord community's compilation. In 2024, will release a new single and debut album under the Shy People label, along with an ongoing secret remix project.

📝 🎨 10000
📸 釒土