Yu Su 邀请 Night Swimmer 做客 NTS 电台十月节目
Yu Su w/ Night Swimmer on NTS Radio

11.02 2022

         为了庆祝新专辑《Xia Ye》的发行,武汉电子音乐制作人 Night Swimmer 受开封音乐人 Yu Su 邀请,在后者主持的英国 NTS 电台之月度节目中呈现一个小时由第四世界氛围、Minimalism、Dub 和 Psychedelic 编织而成的声音洪流。

从东方到西方,从 Ariel Kalma、Yu Su 到 Night Swimmer 自己,模糊风格与地域的分界,最后再经由他自己对这些音乐 Edit 和混合,带着所有前辈启发的音乐感知,游于云层之上,潜入水流之渊,在自然与城市之间探寻抵达精神世界的出口。

To celebrate the release of his new album, Xia Ye, Wuhan-based producer Night Swimmer presents an hour of sonic currents carrying confluence from sounds of fourth world ambient, minimalism, dub and psychedelia. All tracks, including several ones from his new album, were mixed and edited by himself. This mix is also a dedication to the muses that have inspired and influenced his musical senses. From Ariel Kalma, Alice Coltrane and Pauline Anna Strom to Yu Su, Susumu Yokota and Anadol, electronic music from all over the world were collected and coalesced to seek for a gateway to a world of spirituality, fluidity and generosity.

01 Eiger Drums Propaganda - Climb (Night Swimmer Edit)
02 Alice Coltrane - Galaxy in Turiya (Night Swimmer Edit)
03 Ariel Kalma - Sunset Inside
04 Mattewdavid - Elven Invitation (Night Swimmer Edit)
05 Coral Club - Ceremony (Night Swimmer Edit)
06 Night Swimmer -Silver Flying
07 Carl Stone - Cue (Night Swimmer Edit)
08 Loris S. Sarid & Innis Channel - Langoustine Psychomagic (Night Swimmer Edit)
09 Visible Cloaks - Screen (Night Swimmer Edit)
10 Ralph Lundsten - Discophrenia (Night Swimmer Edit)
11 Goblin - Opening to the Sighs
12 International Noise Orchestra - Come Together (Night Swimmer Edit)
13 Yu Su - Watermelon Woman (Dub) (Night Swimmer Edit)
14 Tolouse Low Trax - Boutique Beast/Metal Tent Wicked (Night Swimmer Edit)
15 Molero - Phasma Gigas (Night Swimmer Edit)
16 Susumu Yokota - Symbol of Life, Love and Aesthetics (Night Swimmer Edit)
17 Anadol - Ya Evde Korksan (Night Swimmer Edit)
18 Night Swimmer - Killing Time
19 Night Swimmer - Nature in Mind
20 Night Swimmer - Suspiria
21 Pauline Anna Strom - The Unveiling
22 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - To Feel Your Best

Cover photo by Shio

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