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●    文化平台 / 音乐厂牌 / 线上商店 “害羞的人” 在高速发展的当下中国,热衷探索文化与生活方式的可能性,并致力于其体验场景的建构。

●    Born out of a passion for exploration, Shy People is a cultural platform, music label and webshop that creates experiences designed to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of culture & lifestyle in China.

●  「シャイ・ピープル」は,急成長する中国における現代生活の多様性を探索し,その体験シーンの構築に力を注ぐ芸術文化プラットフォームと音楽レーベルです。


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☻ Founded by 10000
in Beijing, China 2019

Mix Nhạc Việt Đương Đại 现代越南新声指南

ephemeral objects — Contemporary Vietnamese Music Mix

05.07 2024

       虽然我们与越南国界相临,但熟知越南当地音乐的人寥寥无几。所以认识 ephemeral objects 的时候简直像我偷到了一本越南音乐指南书。她是一名拥有中越混血文化背景的 DJ / VJ 和视频艺术家,出生并生活于加拿大温哥华。远离血缘地域的她更渴望与探索文化认同,所以一直有在努力收集和演奏越南艺术家的音乐。新栏目 Shy People Catalog 带你聆听陌生又新鲜的当代越南之声 “Mix Nhạc Việt Đương Đại”。

“我希望这个 ‘Mix Nhạc Việt Đương Đại 现代越南音乐混音辑’ 展示出越南当代和地下音乐艺术家的深度和广度,并反映当地音乐场景中既柔软且硬朗的两面性。它集合了越南境内业已成名和新一代的年轻制作人,以及身在国外的越南籍艺术家,涉及多种流派包括氛围、实验、嘻哈、House、俱乐部音乐和 Techno。其中许多曲目融入了越南传统乐器的声音,例如 mess. 的 ‘Third Eye’ 和 LinhHafornow 的 ‘Bèo Dạt Mây Trôi’。本混音以实验声乐家 Bao Nguyen 和音景艺术家 Duy Luong 的曲目开始,在此可以听到越南的田野录音。接着展开一段一个小时的电子音乐的旅程,最后以 mối 的 ‘dốc tiên long’ 结束,其映射出当地独立摇滚乐的活力。”

“在这个混音中展示的艺术家只是全球越南人才的冰山一角。如果你想听更多,我今年还在 Acceleration Radio 发布了一个越南音乐 mix set,以庆祝农历新年,其中包括一些未出现在这个 Shy People Mix 中的艺术家。想要了解和听到更多越南本地艺术家和 DJ 的听众,我强烈推荐关注 Hà Nội Community Radio (河内社区电台)。” —— ephemeral objects

Although we border Vietnam, few of us are familiar with the local music scene there. So, knowing ephemeral objects felt like stumbling upon a guidebook to Vietnamese music. She's a DJ/VJ and video artist with a mixed Chinese-Vietnamese heritage and cultural roots, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Being far from her ancestral roots, she's eager to explore cultural identity, thus she's been diligently collecting and DJing music by Vietnamese artists. The new column, "Shy People Catalog", introduces you to the unfamiliar yet refreshing sounds of contemporary Vietnam with "Mix Nhạc Việt Đương Đại".

“This mix is a sample of the depth and breadth of contemporary and underground Vietnamese artists. Mirroring the softness and hardness of the Vietnamese music scene, this mix varies from 79–145 BPMs. I have included established and the newer/younger generation of producers from Vietnam and Vietnamese artists located abroad who represent multiple genres, including ambient, experimental, hip-hop, house, global club, and techno. Many of these tracks incorporate sounds from Vietnamese traditional instruments, such Third Eye by mess. and Bèo Dạt Mây Trôi by LinhHafornow. The mix begins with tracks by experimental vocalist Bao Nguyen and soundscape artist Duy Luong who incorporate field recordings from Vietnam. Afterwards, listeners will be taken on an electronic music journey, with the mix ending with the song dốc tiên long by mối, reflecting Vietnam’s vibrant indie rock scene.” 

“The artists featured in this mix are only a drop in the ocean of global Vietnamese talent. If you would like to hear more, I also released a Vietnamese music mix on Acceleration Radio to celebrate the Lunar New Year this year, which includes artists who are not featured in this Shy People mix. I highly recommend following Hà Nội Community Radio for listeners who want to learn and hear more from artists and DJs based in Vietnam.” — ephemeral objects

ephemeral objectsAcceleration Radio 的联合主理人和常驻 DJ。这是一个专注于音视频实验的开放式FM广播、直播和活动集体,每周四晚上11-12点(太平洋标准时间)在温哥华合作广播公司——CFRO 100.5 FM播出。


“在我的视频创作中,我将 TouchDesigner 中创作的原创生成视频与真实素材融合,创造出我独特风格的音频反应、色彩丰富、抽象的视觉效果。我将 VJ 表演和音乐视频制作视为对声音的视觉诠释。”

ephemeral objects is a resident and co-host of Acceleration Radio, an open format FM radio, live stream, and events collective focusing on audio-visual experimentation that airs every Thursday, 11pm to 12am (PST) on Vancouver Co-op Radio – CFRO 100.5 FM.

“As a DJ, I enjoy mixing multiple genres, such as techno, IDM, ambient, and experimental, to create engaging listening experiences of tension and release. As my parents came to Canada from Vietnam, I have been collecting and DJing music by Vietnamese artists to explore and connect with that aspect of my cultural identity.”

“In my video practice, I merge original generative videos created in TouchDesigner with real footage, to create my unique style of audio-reactive, colourful, abstract visuals. I approach VJing and music video creation as my visual interpretation of sound.”

01.  Bao Nguyen - bây giờ và ở đây | here and now
02. Duy Luong - Hanoi II
03. LinhHafornow - Bèo Dạt Mây Trôi
04. Anh Phi - ()
05. Tri Minh - Still Rowing (Mái Chèo)
06. mess. - Third Eye
07. Red Sheep - Natural order of life
08. Maggie Tra - Don't Go
09. Attiss Ngo - Sáu Con Chuột
10. TIEN - Solitude
11. TrinhNu - Tu Nay
12. Kim Dürbeck - Mắm tôm
13. Trà Đá Connection - Black Lambo (Feat. Derek, Nook, Integ)
14. Nammy Wams - Deu Me Bo
15. JakoJako - Impetus
16. n9oc - Explorer 2.0
17. Animistic Beliefs - Poetry In Earthly Whispers
18. Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective - Distant People
19. Lý Trang - i'm ready to be any animal that's whistled
20. Phạm Thế Vũ - Ai màng
21. Phan Anh - Rings That Spin
22. mối - dốc tiên long

Cover by ephemeral objects (video clip from her performing live with audio-reactive visuals)

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