Night Swimmer — Versus RUI HO & Ciel [Digital]

1. Depressionfruit (RUI HO 1000 Trip Remix)
2. Depressionfruit (RUI HO 2000 Rave Remix)
3. Silver Flying (Ciel's Enchanted Forest Dub) 

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Premiere on Mixmag on 30 Sep.

Premiere on Soul Feeder on 5, Oct.

Premiere on Orb Mag on 3, Nov.

“Love and dance always triumph over nihilism and depression.”

A lot of people have suffered from the mental breakdowns during the pandemic two years ago. So does Night Swimmer. The whole world was lost in extremism. Clubs shut and festivals closed, it all seemed hopeless, and we had no place to rest this troubled mind.

As a track directly delineating the traumatized state of mind amid early outbreaks of COVID, Depressionfruit, off the album, Xia Ye, unleashed all Night Swimmer's restrained impulse of dancing. Upon its raving beats, some cold city atmosphere is transmitted to the ear and body, a naked panorama of how his living environment turned into a desolate, aloof place as a result of the pandemic.

Its original dark and mellow 4/4 Techno labyrinth is now deconstructed by RUI HO to showcase other possibilities of its sonic sentiments. Melancholy was chipped and chopped into the heavy rhythms of them, leading the original track into the endlessly raving vortex of void.

Another track of Xia Ye, Silver Flying carries some of Night Swimmer’s most tender thoughts and experiences with nature. It was inspired by the euphoric experience he once had in Zhao Dai on Leave 2021, a mini electronic music festival at Bohai Bay. All the raving and meditation in the woods with his friends coalesced into this improvised track brimming with tender Chinese melodies and wuthering synth effects animating winds and lights. The track also pays tribute to Pauline Anna Strom and many classic Chinese traditional music composers he loves.

Now the track is reshaped by Ciel, one of our Asian prides, to convey a whole new soundscape pulsating with her mesmerizing musical creativity and emotional beauty. Look how her music sense filters the music through pulsing and raving techniques.

While Depressionfruit documents social distancing, Silver Flying accentuates the return of love and human contact. Together with RUI HO and Ciel, these three remixes wish to convey care and love for those still full of hope regardless of the mortal troubles confronting them.


很多人在新冠肆虐的时候经历了精神危机,Night Swimmer 也一样。特殊时期下的人们行动受限,各种娱乐项目和俱乐部活动被迫取消,身心压抑无处释放。

作为一首直接描绘疫情早期爆发时心理受创的曲目,来自专辑《Xia Ye》中的 “忧郁果” 伴随着躁动的节拍,解放 Night Swimmer 所有克制的舞蹈冲动。它传递出寒冷的城市气息,双脚所及之处仿佛因疫情而变得荒凉且冷漠。

“忧郁果” 黑暗而圆润的 4/4 Techno 迷宫节奏,在广东音乐人 RUI HO 的手中被解构成两种气氛截然不同的作品 “1000 Trip Remix” 和 “2000 Rave Remix”,展示出声音情感的多种可能性。原本忧郁的能量被压缩成相异形态的重拍,朝着虚空的夜色尽力挥舞。

专辑中最后一首完成的 “飞来音”,承载着 Night Swimmer 对大自然最温柔的思念和体验。这首即兴作品的灵感来自他2021年在阿那亚海边小型电子音乐节 “招待会” 的参演和游玩经历。其中充满了宛若游丝的中国旋律和呼啸而过的电子声响,通感地回应着他与朋友们在森林舞台中的狂欢和冥想。该曲还致敬了 Pauline Anna Strom 及其喜爱的众多中国传统音乐作曲家。

现在 “飞来音” 交由我们的亚洲骄傲之一 Ciel 重新塑造。让我们期待她是如何以其细腻温柔的情感和美感来打点出全新的声音风景。

从扩大社交距离的连锁反应到人际亲密关系的热情回归,“忧郁果” 与 “飞来音” 在《Xia Ye》中标记下疫情转折点。Night Swimmer 携手 RUI HO 和 Ciel,希望通过这三首混音曲目,向依然无悔热爱这个动荡世界的朋友们致敬。

All tracks written by He Dengke
Remix by RUI HO (Track 1, 2), Ciel (Track 3)
Executive Producer: 10000
Mastered by Shen Lijia
Artwork by MENSLIES

Published by Shy People


Shanghai based Chinese artist RUI HO has been making buzzes with heavy and playful DJ sets throughout the European experimental underground scene as well as in China through out the past few years. After releasing a series of EPs on Genome 6.66Mbp and Objects Ltd, their debut album Lov3 & L1ght was released on UK label Planet Mu. Their music boasts of character of Hyperpop, yet meanwhile brims with variational textures and emotional subtlety.

RUI HO 是活跃于国内与欧洲电子音乐地下场景中的一名音乐制作人、DJ、歌手。发迹于上海厂牌 Genome 6.66Mbp,首张个人专辑《Lov3 & L1ght》于英国电音名厂 Planet Mu 出版。其音乐个性锋芒显露,但又在 Hyperpop 的爆炸力度中呈现音乐质感的丰富变化和细腻深度。


A Xi’an-born and Toronto-based music producer, DJ, pianist, and radio presenter. Whether in her own releases or collaborated works of dance music, her production always carries with refreshing melodies and lithe grooves that are easy to get lost in. She is the creator of Work in Progress, a women-artist-prioritizing concert series in Toronto; a co-founder of the immersive multidisciplinary events platform It’s Not U It’s Me; and a co-owner of Toronto electronic music label Parallel Minds. She hosts a monthly radio show on Rinse FM in London, UK and is a member of the internationally-renowned women & LGBTQIA+ DJ collective, Discwoman.

出生于西安的 Ciel,是居住在加拿大多伦多的音乐制作人、DJ、钢琴家和电台主持人。不管是以个人名义发表还是与朋友合作的舞曲作品,风格总是清新脱俗,有着轻盈曼妙的旋律和律动。她在当地创立了关注女性艺术家的音乐会系列 Work in Progress;同时也是跨界活动平台 It's Not U It's Me 的联合创始人;电子音乐厂牌 Parallel Minds 的联合创始人。 她在伦敦的 Rinse FM 主持月度广播节目,并且是国际知名的女性和 LGBTQIA+ DJ 团体 Discwoman 成员。

Night Swimmer

Grown out of the raw and wild underground music scene in Wuhan, He Dengke (Ethan), a self-learned producer, released new album Xia Ye on Shy People this summer. His music meanders through whimsical samples and animated analog sounds, capturing the juxtapositions of startling thrills, imaginative creatures and tender nostalgia. Essentially a Chinese musician, his music weaves together moments of 90’s Chinese psychedelic rock and fourth world electronic sounds, fully steeped in gossamer-like Chinese melodies, conjuring up an immersive, distant reverie yet still reflecting all personal real-life sentiments.