Born out of a passion for exploration, Shy People is a multimedia platform that creates experiences designed to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of lifestyle in China.
Now we are a music label too! Since May 2021.


「シャイ・ピープル(Shy People)」は,急成長する中国における現代生活の多様性を探索し,その体験シーンの構築に力を注ぐ芸術文化プラットフォームです。2021年5月,私たちも同名の音楽レーベルを立ち上げました。

We are a cultural media, 
We own a music label,
We hold parties and DJ,
We have an online/pop up store project,
We publish online music sets.

We got two big projects:
Rave Planet for creating Chinese Rave history;
New Blood China for discovering new producers and DJs.

Email    Instagram     微博         公众号: Shy_People

Founded by 10000 in Beijing, China from 2019

Drifting on the grace of waves, we become the wave.