We Are Shy People Lable.

An Electronic label with a Chinese perspective after COVID-19.

Drifting on the grace of waves, we become the wave.



人与人的“连接” —— 这是我们从运营 Shy People 以及自己网站将100多篇的文艺报道中阅读出的,如何能让世界变得更有趣的基石和关键。

基于对音乐的兴趣和长期见解,我们忍不住要在2021年5月创立 Shy People 音乐厂牌。通过探索音乐如何与人群产生情感连接,进而找到偏安世界一隅的我们和当下时代的共鸣。

在 21 世纪,文化和社区已经被数字网络和资本所定义。音乐作为青年 / 潮流 / 创意文化的重要组成部分,在现今生活中的位置和作用早就被更改。Shy People 尝试做出不同于传统唱片公司的思考,在推广新人出版新音乐的同时,也聚焦于塑造音乐形象及其相关文化和生活方式。换个角度讲,音乐只是我们入侵生活的手段,策划和音乐有关的派对、活动、展览……用玩闹的态度对抗无聊的人生才是终极目的。

Shy People 有意寻找电子音乐新制作人和 DJ,为其提供更广泛的职业建议、发表作品和演出的机会,触及更多的观众。厂牌最先挖掘的音乐人,来自湖北黄冈的 Night Swimmer 的新专辑《Xia Ye》于2022年夏天推出,并获得 Bandcamp 的“Album of the Day”称号。


Press 2021

mixmag ASIA [EN]

i-D China [中文]

First Release: Xia Ye by Night Swimmer

Under the blessing of the Internet, the reality world is changing rapidly. While it happens to us one way or another, we all bear the ongoing evolution in music, culture, art, and various newly emerging concepts and perspectives. We are drifting on the grace of waves, and we are the waves as well.

After COVID-19, we came to find the reality world a ever disorderly and depressing place to live, and felt that young people are in dire need of mutual inspirations and collaborations to create lifestyles and culture values that exclusively belong to the present world.

The "connection" between people, we found, out from what we did under the name of Shy People and 100+ reports on our website by now, is the bedrock of and key to how we can make the world more interesting.

Based on our love and sense in music, we can’t help but establish the Shy People music label in May 2021. We seek to delve into how music connects the crowd, thus helping us grasp the empathetic power that whoever might share with this world.

In the 21st century, cultures and communities have been defined by digitalization and capitalisation. Music as an important part of youth/trend/creative culture, its position and role in today's life has long been changed. Against such backgrounds, Shy People attempts to strike a difference from traditional record companies. While promoting newcomers' music, we also focus on shaping the image of its arts, related cultures and lifestyles. Put another way, music is but a means. We plan and organize music-related events, parties, and exhibitions, all for an ultimate goal - we strive to instill a playful attitude into our life to combat that perpetual boredom, through music.

Shy People intends to find new electronic music producers and DJs, to provide them with a wider range of career advice and opportunities to publish works, run gigs and reach more audiences. The first signed musician, Night Swimmer, from the small city, Huanggang, his new album is expected to be released in the summer 2022.